Phantom Limb, Wilderness Champion, and Party Fawn

The last few weeks have seen some really exciting things. 

On April 19th, I hosted an event called Party Fawn Salon at Lot 10 in Ithaca. It was a lot of fun to read with Hajara Quinn, Kit Frick, and David Nutt, and to hear awesome live music from the Starry Mountain Sweetheart Band. The hope is to turn Party Fawn into a regularly occurring series of parties, a few readers and a band. I don’t mind if it changes location or if I’m hosting in my living room. It would be great to see it happen more often.

Phantom Limb‘s latest issue was released and it’s a beauty. I’m honored to be in such wonderful company and that interview with Jean Valentine is so thoughtful and expansive. Just rad.

Last but not least, I received the news that Wilderness Champion is on its way to online booksellers, so it should be available soon.

Also, we had a terrible thunderstorm the other night in Ithaca. 


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