Tomorrow I’m heading to Minneapolis for AWP. If you’re headed that way too, say hello, show me your nail polish, tell me what you’re reading. I’ve been once before, in 2012, so I still feel like a bit of a newbie to the whole thing. These are some things I will be doing if you would like to say hello.

Thursday evening I’ll be attending the offsite reading for Black Lawrence Press, The Spoon is Too Big

On Friday afternoon, I’ll be hanging out at the Gold Wake Press table (table 1727) from 3-5. There will be copies of Wilderness Champion for sale, as well as the other wonderful titles from GWP.

On Saturday night, I’ll be reading at the Big Lucks/Magic Helicoptor/Black Cake extravaganza.

Looking forward to seeing friends and making new ones and buying all the books and journals and chapbooks. See you in Minneapolis, friends! Oh, and here’s Hester blessing my books and wishing everyone a wonderful AWP.


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