Cover for Wilderness Champion

Last week, Gold Wake Press released the cover for Wilderness Champion, designed by Brian Mihok with art from Michael McConnell. I’m pretty smitten by it and stoked to share this awesome work. If you add the book on Goodreads, a unicorn will appear on the screen and give you a high five.
Wilderness Champion CoverYesterday, the second issue of elsewhere went live and I’ve got two poems hanging out over there. As a lady who has a special place in her heart for journals that focus on prose poetry and short fiction, I’ll go ahead and suggest you check out their inaugural issue as well (work by Jessica Poli, C. Dylan Bassett, and Brian Doyle). I love the curation of this journal, as well as the design. If you write prose poems or short short fiction, send them something nice to consider.

I hope everyone had a super fun AWP. My cat promises we will be there next year.

The snow is refusing to give up on Ithaca, so I’ve been hunkering down with lots of writing, reading, and tea dates with my cat.

This week, I’m excited to share this latest issue of SWINE. The two poems included in this issue appear in Wilderness Champion. Thanks to James Schiller for giving these poems a home in this carefully curated issue.

Welcome to my internet machine. I’m looking forward to the release of my first full-length poetry collection Wilderness Champion from Gold Wake Press later this year. I’ll be posting news and details about that here, as well as other writing-related updates and goodies.