In Print and Online:
Poetry Northwest-excerpt from Occasional Chainsaws in the Valley of Eternal Sorry
Yalobusha Review-Cosmoses
Cimarron Review-Flame Test
Phoebe-Then There’s the Garden’s Opulent Hollowing
New South-excerpt from Occasional Chainsaws in the Valley of Eternal Sorry
The Boiler-excerpt from Occasional Chainsaws in the Valley of Eternal Sorry
New Delta Review-excerpt from Occasional Chainsaws in the Valley of Eternal Sorry
Jet Fuel Review-Two Poems
White Stag Journal #GhostMotel Issue-Five Poems
Cosmonauts Avenue-The Four-Day Win (creative nonfiction excerpt)
Salt Hill 39-Three Poems
Quarterly West-“Date Night Beneath Movie Marquee”
Tupelo Quarterly-Two Poems
Tammy-Two Poems
Winter Tangerine Reshaping the Bell Jar feature-“Date Night Novena
The Adroit Journal-“Meditation on the Groundhog” and “Date Night in Our Own Hollows”
littletell-“Office Pastoral with Pony” and “The Pony’s Sunday Best”
Powder Keg-“Date Night in Record Store Tee Shirt
Pinwheel-“Date Night in New York City,” “Date Night with Found Bat,” and “Well Visit”
Whiskey Island Issue 66-“Date Night with Some Ghosts,” “Date Night Parked at the Lake, Waiting for Mist,” and “Date Night from the Bath
BOAAT-“Date Night in High Humidity
inter|rupture- “Date Night in Hell Wearing High Water Jeans
Timber- “Date Night in the Backyard” and “Date Night at Harvest Festival
Word Riot-  “Date Night in Revenge Narrative,” “You Almost Have a Body,” and “Date Night Climbing”
NightBlock – “Massive
Ampersand Review -“Doll Face,”  “The Tree Behind Us Could Be Anyone’s Birch,” “A Great Hair Day on the River,” “Elsewhere Architecture
Big Lucks Online – “Assemblage Best Seen
Birdfeast – “Naked on the Internet
Phantom  – “Being the Boy
Juked – excerpts from “This Pony
elsewhere – “Arrangements: Snake Boots, Church Shoes” and “After the Animals
SWINE – “The Acorn Ceremony” and “Hypnagogia
Barrelhouse – “A Hypothetical Universal Solvent” (also illustrated by Chelsea Martin and printed in Barrelhouse 12)
Log II (echap by NAP)- “Wilderness Champion
The Destroyer – “The General
Banango Street – “Of Night
Jellyfish – “Omaha” and “Not Your Radio
Paper Darts- “Introductions to Teratology,” “Introductions to Astronomy,” “Especially the Bread,” and “Chore Wheel
ILK – “Operators” and “Introductions to Oceanography
DIAGRAM – “The Other Word for Money
NANO Fiction 5.2 – “In the Year of Natural Sciences” and “Gunshot Fractures of Both Orbits”
Harpur Palate – “Trades”
Stone Canoe – “To Build a Bee Box,” “The First Practical Telephones,” “Permanent Fixtures,” and “How My Heart Learned to Beat Backwards”
Ninth Letter – “Labor Day ’98”
Slice – “Sleepers” and “Introductions to Botany”
Foothill – “To Jangles the La Mancha Goat,” “Crusher,” “In Terms of Bad Television”
Night Train – “A Something Unpleasant”

Other fun stuff
-Interview at LitBridge about Wilderness Champion
-“Assemblage Best Seen” was included in the 2014 Best of the Net Anthology edited by Sundress Publications
-“Being the Boy” from Wilderness Champion at Verse Daily
-Interview with Emily Coon about Wilderness Champion at the PANK blog
-Review of Sasha West’s Failure and I Bury the Body at Green Mountains Review Online
-Review of Edward Mullany’s Figures for an Apocalypse at Green Mountains Review Online
-Review of Kit Frick’s Echo, Echo Light at Green Mountains Review Online



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